10x1/10 Unze Finegold

10x1/10 Unze/once Finegold, 999.9-LBMA Standart
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10x1/10 Gramm Finegold, LBMA Standart, Zertifikat, Serien-Nummer, Originalverpackung, Lieferung innerhalb 14 Tagen-Weltweit, plus Versandkosten oder Geldwerte Auszahlung möglich. (gem. AGB-aktuelle Fassung)


10x1 / 10 grams finegold, LBMA standard, certificate, serial number, original packaging, delivery within 14 days-worldwide, plus shipping costs or cash-value disbursement possible. (according to AGB-current version)


Versandkosten mindesten 14€ - ausserhalb Europa bis zu 28€ inkl. Versandversicherung

Shipping costs at least 14 € - outside Europe up to 28 € including shipping insurance

Contents of package may vary from those pictured.

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By PayPal. €14.00 Within 14 days in the original packaging. Contact us
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